About Us

Mission Statement:

  • To offer and deliver Innovative design solutions to all Australians

What we do

We provide Australian property owners with easy, affordable and creative design solutions, tailored to suit your specific requirements and steer your plans in the right direction. These services are offered across Residential, Retail, Commercial and all other property sectors.

The provision of a strong concept forms the foundation for a successful project. Once our customers have received our concept advice, they then decide the way forward.

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Who we are

‘Concept Architects’ is Australian owned and headed up by Richard Hindle – registered architect and director of ‘Richard Hindle & Associates Pty Ltd’. The business operates around a web based platform and a network of registered architects in all states of Australia.

Our presence online, the use of the latest technology and flexible approach, allows us to deliver quality and affordable design solutions to all Australians.

If you consult us early we will make the difference and get your project moving in the right direction.

How we operate

Obtaining a quality concept is the most important part of a building project. Without a good concept, the quality of the building solution will be compromised. We provide quality concepts by undertaking the following:

  • Clearly understanding our customer’s requirements and property, is key to us delivering quality outcomes. Where possible this understanding is obtained online and with your assistance. This is achieved by utilising the latest online technology and by tapping in to your intimate knowledge of the property and your design expectations.
  • Understanding the Development Controls associated with your property and the approval options available to you.
  • Our online platform and low overheads keep costs to a minimum. This translates into lower costs to our customers.
  • Our countrywide network of architects and industry professionals are available to visit your property whenever the requirements demand.
  • Our professional service and advice is provided independently. This enables you to decide on the best delivery options for your concept. We are not a builder hoping to obtain a commission for a construction contract, or an industry supplier trying to steer your project towards a particular product. We act only in your best interests.

Our Design Philosophy

To produce innovative, cost effective and environmentally sustainable design solutions that maximize value and enrich the experience of living.

This philosophy is implemented by applying the following core design principles:

Think laterally

Think outside the square and consider alternatives for every design solution

Don’t oversize

Big does not necessarily mean better. Challenge any preconceived ideas of size.

Meet the client requirements

Ensure that the client brief is clearly understood and that the professional service options are tailored to suit the client requirements. Allow the functional requirements and brief to drive the outcomes

Sustainable design

Our environmentally sustainable design initiatives encompass
the following:

Respect the site, Culture and immediate environment

Apply the principle of least disturbance to the site i.e. Tread carefully and enhance connections between inside and outside. Respect existing structures, culture and the local context.

Make it special

Design spaces that delight.
Consider both positive and negative space.